Hugh Jackman:Deborra-Lee Furness Hugh Jackman Wife

November 19, 2008 by The Gossiper 

Hugh Jackman:Deborra-Lee Furness Hugh Jackman Wife

Hugh Jackman:Deborra-Lee Furness Hugh Jackman Wife – Hugh Jackman,husband of Deborra-Lee Furness is the sexist man alive according to People Magazine.Hugh Jackman wife Deborra-Lee Furness must be very proud of her husband accomplishment’s here.Hugh Jackman workout must have her smiling also.When she was told that her husband won People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2008,here is what she told him:

“I could’ve told them that years ago! Obviously, Brad wasn’t available this year.”

Hugh Jackman:Deborra-Lee Furness Hugh Jackman Wife.

Britney Spears Sex Tape 2008:Adnan Ghalib Sex Video False?

September 30, 2008 by The Gossiper 

Britney Spears Sex Tape 2008:Adnan Ghalib Sex Video False?

Britney Spears Sex Tape 2008:Adnan Ghalib Sex Video False?Britney Spears sex tape 2008 story is apparently false.On Monday,Britney Spears’ former boyfriend Adnan Ghalib claimed in an interview with British magazine Heat:

“there is such a tape.” “But I won’t discuss prices.”"Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

A source close to Britney Spears denied the report and told E! News:

“The story is completely false.”

Britney Spears and paparazzo ex Adnan Ghalib dated for three months,earlier this year.
Britney Spears Sex Tape 2008:Adnan Ghalib Sex Video False?

Oprah Winfrey Dead Hoax:Oprah’s Death Fake Article

September 20, 2008 by The Gossiper 

Oprah Winfrey Dead Hoax:Oprah's Death Fake Article

Oprah Winfrey Dead Hoax:Oprah’s Death Fake Article – Oprah is alive and not dead.A crazy rumor was spread online today about Oprah’s death.Here is a piece of the fake article.

“Oprah Winfrey, age 54, was found dead in her home residing in Chicago, Illinois at 8:21 AM on September 20, 2008. Local Police and the FBI are trying to keep it on the down low for now until further notice. From what has been reported thus far, she appears to have a bloody area around her eye, a bullet wound in her stomach and some cuts and bruises”

Miley Cyrus was a victim of this type of hoax,few weeks ago.
Oprah Winfrey Dead Hoax:Oprah’s Death Fake Article

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